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Assessment and Treatment


Biomechanics Assessment studies structure, function and motion. It is suitable for all ages, from teenage years onwards.

The Brasher Biomechanics Assessment involves a full body consultation to identify and address all MSK issues requiring treatment.

The analysis starts from the feet upwards and will be tailored to your needs, incorporating: range of motion tests, muscle and joint tests, neuro-muscular pathway tests, clinical tests and gait analysis, including scans.

A specialised sensor pad is used to examine your stance and gait pattern.

Discover your own unique characteristics and how to maintain alignment and comfort.


Picture shows static image from gait analysis sensor pad.

Following the assessment a tailored treatment plan will be recommended. This could incorporate, where indicated: massage therapy, Kinesiology taping, specific/targeted exercise plans, bespoke orthotics, and reviews.  

Full, 90 minute, Brasher Biomechanics Assessment - £75

Treatment, 60 minutes - £60

Review, 30 minutes - £30


Find out the benefits, to the whole body, of Brasher Biomechanics Analysis, a tailored MSK treatment plan and bespoke orthotics.

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