Prior to receiving my orthotics from Jacqui, I could run maybe 2-3 miles, at a push, but would still be in some discomfort.

I did an eight mile run the other day, wearing my orthotics, and I honestly could have cried when I finished,

I was so happy that I had no pain! It felt great!!"

Louise Burton  May 2022

Jacqui Brasher is highly efficient and proficient. The insoles she made for me have changed my life!

My walking has improved substantially. She is a delightful person, easy to talk to and good fun!"

- Shirley Bieber  April 2022

Had been having pain when walking and driving, went to Brasher Biomechanics. Jacqui is very friendly and very good in explaining all that needs to be done. A thorough examination took place, I needed insoles to correct my stance and gait. Here I am three weeks later, after my check up consultation, 99% improvement. HIGHLY recommend Brasher Biomechanics"

- Jen Hunt   October 2020

  “Massive thank you to Jacqui for assessing my feet and providing the correct insoles. Massive eye opener as to how the body stands and functions

- Darryl Charlick   October  2019

I am so happy with the treatment that I received from Jacqui Brasher. The bespoke insoles have revolutionised the way I walk and use my body. After a lifetime of bad walking habits that encouraged under and over muscle and tendon use, I am now toning up and using my body in a more balanced way. Brasher Biomechanics have exceeded my expectations. Thank you Jacqui for your wonderful service! "

- Jane Rayner    April  2019

I really enjoyed the assessment process and Jacqui's analysis and advice. Jacqui chose and fitted the orthotics that would be best for me. I have greatly benefitted from Jacqui's years of training and experience, I now have happy feet and an aligned body.

- Gina Evans   January  2019

  “I had really bad feet, could hardly walk some days, got advised to go to the Well Being Centre and I'm so glad I did, with the help from the therapist I had a scan and found out I had to have insoles fitted now, I highly advise people to go before you cause more damage to your feet

- Will Powell   October  2018