About Brasher Biomechanics

Jacqui initially qualified to International level at Champneys, Hertfordshire, and went on to specialise in massage and body alignment, working in London’s Mayfair, Tunbridge Wells and later running her own practice. She has also gained a great deal of experience working in training and management.

Jacqui has specialised in orthotics, orthotic modification and corrective footwear for seven years, whilst gaining further diplomas in Biomechanics, Biotensegrity and Orthotics.

Jacqui has recently completed a Foundation Degree in Sports Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation with Plymouth University and Plymouth City College.

Body Alignment Therapy is the culmination of Jacqui’s unique and varied experience.

Brasher Biomechanics has now been running for over four years.


Jacqui Brasher